Alumni Board


Greenville High School Alumni Association

Board of Directors and Officers

2011 to 2012

                   President          -  Dick Brown, '64
                   Vice President  -  Alex Warner, '67
                   Treasurer         -  Roxanne Willman, '71

                   Secretary          -  Patty Bernhard, '73

     GHS Alumni Association committees & members

Development/Circulation      Buzz Blanchard, Joan Hawley,
                                                                 Jean Klepinger, Marilyn Robbins

Newsletter Editor Team        Steve Willman, Dick Brown, Joan Hawley,
                                                                 Jeanette Patton, Roxanne Willman,                                                                                                   Alice Ann Morrison Brown

Reception Committee          Joan Hawley, Roxanne Willman                                                                        Paulette M. Shields

Membership Services                 Buzz Blanchard, Kathi Price    

Homecoming Committee     Alex Warner, Georgia Young,
                                                                 Buzz Blanchard, Dick Brown, Jim Sommer

Publicity                              Patty Bernhard, Marilyn Gruber, Paulette M. Shields
                                                                Georgia Young, Alex Warner, Duane Edwards

Nominating Committee               Patty Bernhard, Dick Brown

Website Committee             Alice Ann Morrison Brown,
                                                                Steve Willman, Pam Summers


Meetings are normally held on the first Monday of each month.

If you need further information about the GHS Alumni Association go to the Contact Us page and send us a message.  Thank You.

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